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52 Ton Port Material Handler YGSZ520-8
  • 52 Ton Port Material Handler YGSZ520-8

52 Ton Port Material Handler YGSZ520-8

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52 Ton Port Material Handler YGSZ520 - 8

YGSZ series "dual power" hydraulic crawler grabber is a special equipment for loading, unloading, and stacking of material yards with "dual power" drive function developed on the basis of excavators. For various types of bulk cargo handling, stacking, feeding and other grasping operations.

Port Material Handler Advantages

1. Diesel - electric hydraulic drive, both internal combustion engine and electric motor can drive, flexible operation. If driven by electric motor, it is with low maintenance cost, no pollution, and low failure rate. Electric motors are one third of the operating cost of an internal combustion engine.

2. According to operation requirements, the function of electromagnetic chuck operation can be added.

3. The Material Handling Machine adopts full hydraulic drive, with stepless speed regulation operation function, and the operation is stable. Optional boom with third - section telescopic function, which does not affect the size of the whole machine, can work flexibly in a short range, and can play a good performance when working at a long distance.

4. The hydraulic series adopts: ① dual power drive, dual pump dual circuit total power adjustment, negative flow control open system; ② dual power drive, dual pump dual circuit split power control, with pilot pressure override control, positive flow control open type system.

5. The equipment is equipped with a hydraulic oil strong wind cooling device, which can ensure that the hydraulic oil temperature rise of the equipment during continuous operation will not exceed 80 ° C, effectively extending the service life of the hydraulic seals.

6. In addition to the scraper can be equipped with scrap steel grabs to scrap steel scraping operations, you can also easily replace other grippers, a variety of raw materials for picking and placing operations; after removing the gripper can also be used as an ordinary crane Use, one machine for multiple purposes.

7. The Port Material Handler wholesale has safety limit devices such as amplitude and rotation to ensure the operation is safe and reliable.

8. Optional installation of weighing scale.

9. Optional gripper rotation head, so that the gripper has a 360 ° rotation function, especially for directional raw materials, has a better gripping effect.

10. The easy - to - wear parts of the equipment are matched with copper sleeves and steel sleeves, which solves the problem that the sleeves are easily damaged when the grease is forgotten.


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